About Us

How we started

My first day in the University of Ibadan , Getting into the dorm allocated to me I saw a lot of abandoned books. These books were still in good shape and in fact some of them were still new. After my first semester I discovered that there is no platform that gives me the access to share course materials (mostly pdf's) that will be useful to the next set of students. This got me thinking, and I asked myself these questions:

  • Is there anyone trying to solve this?
  • Can I solve this?
  • How can I solve this?

These three questions are what brings bukooh! to life.

Our Intent

Our main aim is to minimize and eventually stop the waste of books in the University of Ibadan . We give book owner the platform to upload "No Longer Useful books to me" either softcopy or hardcopy. We make pdf's downloadable to anyone irrespective of their race or culture and we connect those that upload hard copy books(in form of an image with some descriptions) to those that needs it through SMS(text messages).

And Guess what? It's 100% free

Why don't you give bookooh a try. Someone in need might be in need of what you don't need anymore.

– Babatunde Ololade, Founder bukooh!

Meet the Team


Babatunde Ololade

Web Developer & IoT Enthusiast

I am the CEO and the founder of bukooh! I am insanely curious about anything that has to do with tech - presently I am exploring the world of Web Development.


Micheal Eyitayo

Web Developer & Designer

I am the CEO and founder of Delve iDesign , and the co-founder of bukooh! What makes me dangerous is that I love what I do - I design, I Inspire and I develop.


before bukooh! I used to throw away the books that were no longer useful. Now I just give them out.

Ajayi Daniel from Agricultural Engineering, UI

This is cool, the text messages and the location features really makes everything cool.

Ayodabo Tomisin from Computer Science , UI

Medical books are expensive and sometimes difficult to get, why don't you bukooh! it, this way you are helping a brother and yourself